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A Workflow for Data Science

Jupyter notebooks are a phenomenal tool for investigating and interacting with data. The interactive nature of the notebooks allows for quick and effective interrogation of the data and more generally the prototyping of an idea. By combining interaction, the documentation, the co…

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Failing Hard: How I 'lost' two years of data

Failure is one of those topics that is discussed far less than it should be ---It is hard to tell other people about mistakes you have made--- yet failure is usually a far better teacher than success. This is why I want to share my story of how I spent the first two years of my P…

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Experi: A tool for computational experiments

Abstract One of the key features of computational experiments is being able to run the experiment over a large variable space. However, in my experience there aren't tools available to assist with this, particularly in the realm of High Performance Computing (HPC), where bash arr…