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Malcolm Ramsay

Tag: #python

Handling Exceptions in Numerical Python

The numerical computing capabilities of the Python ecosystem are incredibly powerful, with the Numpy and Scipy, and Pandas packages providing high performance, well tested tools. Additionally, tools like Dask and Rapids build upon these foundational packages supporting larger datasets. All these too… read more

Speed Through Specificity

A common criticism about the Python programming language is that it is slow, often with reference to a benchmark comparing a range of tasks. This criticism is widely addressed with articles by Jake van der Plass and Anthony Shaw being two excellent examples. While I don't disagree with any of the po… read more

Experi: A tool for computational experiments

Abstract One of the key features of computational experiments is being able to run the experiment over a large variable space. However, in my experience there aren't tools available to assist with this, particularly in the realm of High Performance Computing (HPC), where bash arrays and loops are co… read more

Distributing a Hoomd Plugin

A piece of software I have been using in my research is Hoomd, a 'relatively' new package for running Molecular Dynamics (MD) simulations. These MD simulations have the basic premise of throwing hundreds of balls into a box and shaking it to find out what happens. The relative newness of Hoomd is in… read more

Scraping Data from Facebook

Competition is a strange thing making you suddenly interested in the most unusual of problems It has become a tradition of The Lancer Band, of which I am a member, to produce a video as part of our ANZAC Day commemorations. These videos have been highly successful garnering millions of views on Face… read more

Adventures in the Python Visualisation Landscape

Calling the current python visualisation landscape fragmented would probably be an understatement, since itself requires a visualisation to even begin to comprehend. For various reasons I have been unhappy with the tool I was using for visualisation at that time and I have been searching for the one… read more

Creating an HDF5 Bomb

You may have heard of a zip bomb or other decompression 'bombs', which have the basic premise of containing a large volume of highly redundant data that when decompressed takes up more resources than the system can handle. Within the HDF5 file format there is support for compression, an excellent to… read more

The Perils of Packaging in Python

There are many guides to packaging a python application, including the official Python Packaging User Guide. While these guides offer step by step instructions for deploying a simple application, when deviating from a guide there can be unexpected problems. The application I have been trying to depl… read more

Quaternions for Orientation in MD

In the understanding of the dynamics of a molecule in a Molecular Dynamics (MD) Simulation the two main properties we use to understand liquid behaviour are the translational motion and the rotational motion of the atoms or molecules. These motions reflect changes in the position and the orientatio… read more

Building interfaces with click

Running computer simulations is great. You tell the computer what to do, it sits there crunching numbers for a while. Then you can come back and look at the results. The problem with this is that most simulation packages take the simulation parameters in an input file, so running a simulation become… read more